Aalto Research Day 9 OCT at 12.30-15 in Otaniemi TUAS house

You are cordially invited to the third annual Aalto University Research Day on Thursday, 9th October 2014 at 12.30-15.

The event will be held in lecture hall TU1, 2nd floor, Otaniementie 17, TUAS House, Otaniemi.

Aalto Research Day is an event to present, discuss and celebrate research by faculty and students from all the schools of Aalto University. This year, Research Day is organised as part of our Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees 2014 and the theme is Societal Impact of Research.

The event features keynote speakers, presentations, posters, demos, performances, and networking. The highlight will be a panel discussion on Doctoral education and its impact on society featuring several of our honorary doctors.

Research Day is aimed at all researchers at Aalto University. Everyone from doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers to professors and students is welcome. The special guests are the honorees of the 2014 Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees: recipients of doctoral degrees and honorary doctorates.

To sign up, visit researchday.aalto.fi


Welcoming address, Dean Gary Marquis

Opening words, Provost Ilkka Niemelä

Alumnus of the Year 2014, School of Science, presented by Dean Risto Nieminen

Alumnus of the Year 2014, speech

Panel: Doctoral education and its impact on society, with initial remarks by the recipients of honorary doctorates

·  Mr Jorma Eloranta, Chairman of the Board

·  Professor Mikko Hupa, Åbo Akademi University

·  Professor Torgeir Moan, NTNU, Norway

·  Professor H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University, USA

Coffee & Exhibition of Posters and Demos in the entrance hall, 1st floor

Kind Regards

Professor Gary B. Marquis. Dean of the School of Engineering

Aalto University