Comments on Heidi Tikka’s Presentation

The presentation yesterday was very comprehensive. Heidi took us through her artistic projects from the last ten years and then explained which ones she was selecting for the thesis and why. She then continued by focusing on her latest project “At hand”. This important project was exhibited as part of the Media Facades Festival in 2011 and was the subject of an article in a peer-reviewed publication last semester.

After the presentation there was a good critical discussion of many of the issues elaborated such as: How is the Other represented in the work? Why is it this way? How does the artist seek to instantiate a critical practice? What about the representation of technology and its visibility (or invisibility)? How can this work for the installation? Does it help to create a new aesthetic experience to the work?

Attendance was ok. but we could use a larger audience: Sinikka Laine, Ferhat Sen, Mia Muurimäki, Callum Goddard, James Nesfield, Mika Tuomola, Susanna Ånas, and Lily Díaz.

I encourage all our students and staff to attend these seminars!


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