I’m Cindy, a postdoctoral researcher in the Design Department in Aalto University ARTS. This blog started off as a channel for information about events I organized in 2012 for my doctoral research, but it’s been useful to continue as one way to open up academic research.
I’m studying Fab Labs, spaces where grassroots DIY communities explore digital fabrication. The ‘maker movement’ is espoused as better than mass production and consumerism, but there has been little empirical research on the socio-environmental issues in digital fabrication and even less on what these communities actually do and how sustainability is addressed in everyday practice.
I’m also interested in urban activism where groups attempt to ‘make sustainable futures’ via experiments in and with their own environments.

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  1. Hi Howard,
    good idea, your project page is indeed very useful. I also like your little capsule case study descriptions.

  2. Hello! I plan to visit Finland in late August and am wondering if you might be available to meet to discuss when I visit. Please let me know the best way to get in touch with you.

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