Types of Fab Lab Papers

I succumbed to the temptation; I too had to make a Types of Papers meme.

my version of the xkcd comics 'types of papers' comic, mine called Types of Fab Lab Research Paper

Types of Fab Lab Research Paper

The original comic is here and this is an excellent meme-maker.

The twelve types of papers in my joke comic are

We Printed This Amazing Thing, Like This
Results of a Survey of One Thousand Fab Labs Because We’re Sociologists with Research Funding
We Studied Entrepreneurship in This Fab Lab and Look How Amazing It Was
Fab Labs are the Future of Work Where No One Gets Paid
Here is What We Learned in a Survey of 10 Grumpy Fab Lab Managers with Survey-Fatigue
We Made This Amazing Interactive Design, Like This
Children Learn Better With Materials in Classrooms Called Makerspaces
The Fab Lab Maker Movement Appears to be Localizing Production But We’re Not Entirely Sure
The Performance of Multidisciplinarity and Innovation in Fab Labs
Making Open Culture Even More Openly in Library and Museum Maker Fab Labs
Makers Responded Very Quickly to PPE Shortages!
How To Use Sensors in One Hundred Thousand Ways