VLC settings

(Checked with VLC 2.0.1 for Mac, 2012-04)

HD 1080p playback problem

On a lower end machine, loose visual quality but get rid of lagging & skipping! Change…

Preferences >> Show All >> Input/Codecs >> Video Codecs >> FFmepg >> Allow speed tricks >> Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding >>

…from “None” to “Non-ref” and restart VLC player. If the video still doesn’t play smoothly, then change the settings to “All

Slow start up time problem

Preferences >> Show All >> Video >> Subtitles/OSD >> On Screen Display Text rendering module

Change from “Default” to “Dummy

Caching time value settings moved in VLC 2 !

Greater value should be more robust but makes manual skips to a new point in the file slower. Change

Preferences >> Show All >> Input / Codecs >> (scroll long way down, don’t click on the submenus on the left) >>

Then use the sliders to adjust the caching of Live capture, Disc or Network.

Update your OS X Java now

There is a nasty trojan out there. Update your OS X Java now with Software Update (Lion & Leopard)


or disable the Java browser plugin for good (all older variants) with the /Applications/Utilities/Terminal command

sudo rm -rf /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin

For admins: Check remotely with ssh or Apple Remote Desktop

for i in Safari Firefox FirefoxAurora SeaMonkey Opera Google\ Chrome; do if ( defaults read "/Applications/${i}.app/Contents/Info" DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES ); then
echo TARKASTA; fi; done

See also https://github.com/hjuutilainen/adminscripts/blob/master/check-for-osx-flashback.K.sh

Installed Java version?

grep -1 VersionString /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Info.plist | tail -1 | sed -E 's,^.*>(.*)<.*$,\1,'

2012-04-15: After the 2nd update and should be 13.7.2 for Snow Leopard or 14.2.2 for Lion

2012-04-16: The update really is important as new variants using the same vulnerability emerge.

Format GPT hard disk in Windows to MBR & exFAT

If you need to use big, over 2 GB files both in Windows and Mac OS X’s, MBR partition format and exFAT file system could be the most practical option for your mobile HDD.

However, note that there have been reliability problems with exFAT in hard use. Always keep a backup on a trusted media.

Mac OS X’s Disk Utility is easy, but what to do if you have to quickly reformat an GPT/EFI disk (from Mac or Win 7) to MBR partition layaout and exFAT file system in Windows 7 or XP ?

Let’s assume the external hard disk is Disk 3 (check with Computer -> Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management) and the drive letter is  G:

2) In Windows 7, Choose Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt -> Right-click & choose “Run as administrator”

In Windows XP, use Windows-R and cmd — for exFat support you have to install a patch first: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=955704

3) Type commands

select Disk 3 
create partition primary
assign letter=g 
format g: /fs:exfat /q

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