Week 8 of learning neuroscience

During the exercise session the previous quiz was reviewed. This was useful because at least for me the answers weren’t clear. It was also very interesting to hear about the programmes used in neuroscience experiments as I wish to be conducting experiments in the future. This week’s exercise is also different to earlier ones as it includes data-analysis and running experiments is required.

This week’s lecture and pre-reading were about wiring the brain. It was  very interesting. The topic is quite complicated and not everything is yet understood about the topic as is the case often with neuroscience. I heard for the first time about diffusion imaging and problematic false negatives and positives of it. The picture of the white matter of the brain was cool. Another extremely interesting topic was adult neurogenesis and its connection to environmental stimuli.

Hebbian hypothesis states neurons that cause each other to fire, also wire together. This could lead to some connections being lost by removing synapses that are not used together often enough.Therefore the connections that are more successful are enhanced and this can happen even before birth.

The book concentrated on wiring of the visual system of the brain. It was interesting to learn about this, but it would have been nice if there had been more information on other parts of the brain.

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