Second week, neurons, glia, playdough

This week we continued along the route in deciphering the function of the brain by first investigating the topological structure and function of neurons and glia cells, and then zooming closer to the cell membrane. It’s said that the human brain is the most complex thing in the known universe, and this started to reflect also in the lecture; new terminology abounded and it was getting tougher to try and follow the meaning of all the new concepts and how they were linked to each other.  Perhaps it would have helped if among the numerous slides there had been one or two explaining the structure and purpose of the lecture and maybe even one drawing together the most important concepts?

The exercise session was entertaining and informative. It’s much easier to remember where each functional region in the brain is after you’ve once baked a brain on your own, even if only from playdough. I wish I had better 3D model of the brain at my disposal as from brainstem upwards it was getting harder to place structures in their proper place. If anybody has a free or reasonably priced app for Android or Windows to recommend, I’d be interested!

Posted by Tapio Saarinen

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