Learning Diary – Lecture 11

Hi everyone!

This has been a little bit different from the others, since we did not have any lecture, but we had only the exercise session on Tuesday. Also the exercise session was different! Indeed, we did not have a normal exercise session with some questions, but we went to a laboratory (actually the same visited in a previous excursion) and we performed ourselves an EEG (electroencephalogram). For this experiment it was possible to apply in order to be a volunteer for the EEG. None of us was a volunteer. Because of the number of participants, the experiment was performed twice with two different groups.

It has been really interesting to see finally how a real EEG is performed, in particular because we did some exercises related to this kind of medical application in other courses such as Principles of Biomedical Imaging. In this course we learnt how to reconstruct an image once the data have been collected. Now, with the experiment performed in this last exercise session we saw how the data are actually collected. We lost a little bit of time for the preparation of the experiment: in order to have the good conductance, we had to put some gel between the skin and the electrodes, but it was really difficult to dose the amount of gel! The real measurement did not take a lot of time. Unfortunately, the results we obtained were not very good, which may be due to some inactive electrodes or to some errors of other types. But it is not important, the most important thing was to understand the principle!

See you next week,

Laura, Leonardo and Hugues

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