Learning Diary – Lecture 10


This week we worked on learning about chapters 22 and 23 which speak about both the wiring of the brain as well as the structure and regions of the brain. It was really interesting to hear about ocular dominance shifts and how it can effect the vision of cats for example who have had occlusion of one eye for a majority of their early developmental life. We had no idea that a majority of the neurons will not be responsive in the occluded eye ever it is allowed to regain sight.

Unfortunately some of us missed out on doing the quiz this week but we appreciated you guys giving some students the opportunity to retake it because they hadn’t read both of the chapters.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Baba Center this week which is the Baby Brain Activity Center. According to their website, they have four key mission statements which include:

1) To understand the development of brain functions, and how illness and other adversities may affect infant brain development

2) To recognize atypical brain development at infancy

3) To develop new generation methods for infant brain studies

4) To serve as a hub of knowledge and bridge for collaborative efforts between hospitals, academic institutions, families, and businesses

It is really interesting to see an organization spending so much time working so heavily on understanding and diagnosing different problems that can arise in the earliest parts of infancy.

Thanks again for an interesting week!

Laura, Leonardo and Hugues

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