Learning Diary – Lecture 9


Today the title of the post might not be very appropriate since we didn’t have any lecture this week but anyway it’s our 9th post on this blog so let’s keep thing the same way as usual! So the lecture of this week was replaced by an excursion but in general it felt more like three little excursions because we visited 3 labs at the same time which is very convenient! The first one was AMI (Advanced Magnetic Imaging center) where we had the opportunity to learn a bit more about brain MRI techniques and instrumentations because we actually saw the MRI scanner and all the coils possibly used for this kind of imaging. The second lab was ABL (Aalto Behavioral Laboratory) in which we visited some rooms we behavioral studies can be leaded with for exemple eye tracking technologies or thermographic cameras. Finally we visited the TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) laboratory. There we were shown that some areas of the brain can be activated or desactivated by sending electromagnetic pulses, we never heard about that before so it was really interesting to see that such things were possibles.

The following day we also had an excursion in Helsinki to visit a company called Sooma in the health innovation village. This company use a principle similar to the one we saw at the TMS laboratory to heal depression. It’s really nice to see that theoretical physics and biology can be used in real life for medical application. The presentation was a bit short I wish we could have learnt more about the mechanism and how the product really work but it was anyway a very good introduction!

In general the excursions are really well chosen even if it’s nice that we are also following the principle of biomedical imaging course so we can better understand the technical details.

Really looking forward to next week excursion at Baba center!

Laura, Leonardo and Hugues

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