Learning Diary – Lecture 7


This week we had the excursion to Elekta in Hakaniemi. It was nice that the teaching assistant walked with us from Kamppi so that we could easily find it since it wasn’t directly in the city center. We had the opportunity to hear from several employees about the products created at Elekta which are used throughout the world for MEG and EEG scans. These machines are primarily used for cancer treatment as well as diagnosis of brain disorders. It was really nice that they provided us with refreshments when we arrived and told us the story of how the company was founded essentially at a cabin in the Finnish country side. It was also really nice to speak and hear from a fellow student who is doing his dissertation with them and hear about how he is helping detect childhood brain disorders by creating a system for achieving clearer signals from moving children.

In class this week we learned about the auditory system. It was interesting to learn how our ears adapts to sudden loud sounds by using the attenuation reflex to avoid as much hearing loss as possible. Introducing audiovisual integration with the video about the guy saying the same sound but showing different visual ques was also really cool. We had never heard to the McGurk effect before. We completed a quiz in class this week which reflected the reading from this week quite well. There was a question about the ventral and dorsal pathways of the visual and auditory systems and how they relate to each other which was a little bit tricky.

Excited to see what next week has to offer.

Laura, Hugues, & Leonardo

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