Learning Diary – Lecture 6

Good evening!

As every week now, this one started with the quizz of 10 minute on the eye (chapter 9 of the book). The questions of the quizz were really precise and needed a really good comprehension of the topic. Maybe it’s wanted for those quizz to be hard but we feel like the questions are maybe going too deep in the subject since we haven’t got the lecture yet.

The lecture then started on the eye and visions topics. This subject is very interesting because the vision is a very complicated mecanism which allows us to do a lot of things since it’s one of the most important sense. Also, it appear that small damages in the optic nerves, chiasma or tract can lead to many different optical problems by cutting different areas of the visual field. A part of the lecture was about optical illusion, especially the one about the dress and the shoe and it’s really funny to see how different are the perceptions among the population.

The day following the lecture we had the exercise session. This one was like the second one, some open question about specific aspects of the course which was useful to help us understand the muddy parts. The last question of the exercise was about sound so we decided to wait for the lecture about the auditory system before doing it.

Since next week is the exam week let’s meet again in two week after our first excursion!

Laura, Leonardo and Hugues

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