Learning Diary – Lecture 4

Terve! 🙂

This week we had our lecture on neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter systems. Although the vitality of these molecules has been introduced in a number of our previous classes it was really nice to spend a bit of time learning exactly how the channels and pathways for some of the major neurotransmitter molecules work.

We do sort of feel that since these systems tend to be quite complex it would have been nice to maybe see a little bit more text and explanation on some of the slides. Although many of them are images from our text it helps when topics such as this are broken down a bit more because when we go back to study these materials for the exam we then wouldn’t have to completely reread the chapter in order to understand what the images in the lecture slides are telling us.

In the exercise session we had the opportunity to play around with a software program called Expyriment. Although our class struggled a bit with getting it to work during our actual exercise session it would be really nice to see a step by step tutorial or examples of what we were supposed to see using the program in MyCourses later this week. Also maybe having a reminder email telling us what we are required to bring in order to do the activities would be really helpful so we can make sure to be prepared for whatever is planned.

We also had a quiz this week on our reading which was a little tricky since the chapter was quite extensive and detailed. It might be helpful for future quizzes to sort of explain how the quiz will be structured so that those of us who read the chapter can properly prepare for the quiz (either maybe telling us it will  cover the broader topics or that we should really focus on one section of the chapter for example) without having to memorize every single page of the chapter. It feels that if you just read the chapter and come in for the quiz it’s still extremely difficult to get perfect score which seems like it isn’t doing those students justice who are really trying to do well in the course.

Cheers! Can’t wait to see what next week will bring 🙂

Laura, Leonardo, and Hugues

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