Week 10

The quiz for before this week’s lecture was about the topic of attention. Usually the quiz topic and the lecture are the same. There was an accidental mismatch regarding the topic this week. This lead to a special agreement regarding the exam: We can now choose which question/ topic of the two we want to answer.

The topic of the lecture of the course was about the mental illness. The human behaviour is influenced by two mutually interacting factors: heredity and environment. Because each individual has its own DNA code the brain, like the fingerprint, is different from all others. The other fact deals with personal experience, like trauma and disease. In Europe the highest costs of all disorders are generated by mood disorders. Depression is the leading cause of disability and of the leading factor for suicide worldwide. Because mental illness disrupt aspects of cognition, emotion and behaviour, they affect the learning and working ability of a person. Therefore a right therapy and care are important.

Anxiety disorders are based on fearing experience. Fear is an automatic fight-or-flight response and is also learned. Fear causes palpitations, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath etc. For example chronic stress leads to continuously elevated cortisol which leads in the death of hippocampal cells.

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