week 9

In this week’s excursion, we visited the Cognitive Brain Research Unit (CBRU), at the University of Helsinki. The research center deals with human auditory and crossmodal cognition, as well as their impairments and plasticity. The main research fields are human language, music processes and the development of auditory functions. In the neurological field the EGG is a commen method for measuring the electrical activity of the human brain. The EGG measures voltage fluctuations on the scalp.

The excursion includes a visiting of a laboratory as well as a presentation about the current research projects. The laboratories basically consist of two rooms.The first room includes all the tools which are used for the measurments as well as the computer and display for monitoring and recording. Here the test person gets prepared for the measurement. Therefor an EEG cap is put on the test person head, which contains connections for the electrodes. A gel serves as a link between the electrode and the scalp. The second room is shielded and used for the mesurements. It’s a room without any other electronical devices to avoid interfering frequencies by electricity (artefacts). Essentially, the test person itself is the most susceptible to interference, for example through blinking, rapid head movements etc. For some measurments the test persons have to watch a silent movie while around five different sounds (like clicks or beeps) got replayed. For a good analysis each sound has to be repeated around 100 times.

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