Week 5

This week’s lecture was about neurotransmitter. With different videos the teacher tried to make it easier to understand the process of the post-synaptic ion-channels opening due to the transmitter docking to the receptors. A transmitter docking to a receptor causes a change in form, which leads to an opening of the ion-channel and subsequently to a change in voltage.

The exercise this week was one of a very different kind. Instead of the lecture hall, we meet in a room with computers. We were running a reaction time experiment with visual and aural stimuli. Both of the stimuli where presented in a block of 10 stimuli with random time in between each stimuli. The sequence of visual and aural stimuli was random as well. The reaction time was measured for the stimuli presentation until a keyboard event occurred. When later on analysing the data we have to consider a delay for audio as well as the monitor. However the delay is constant for the same stimuli, since all trials where conducted on the same computer, and can therefore be neglected, whenever the difference between different stimuli is looked at. In order to get some data to compare and average, the experiment has been run several times in a row. Possible changes to achieve a difference in the reaction time can be such as colouring the whole screen instead of a square in the middle or changing the frequency of the aural stimuli. However when conducted right after each other there could be a training effect transferred to the following experiment. It is therefore recommended to do the same amount of trials for each experiment, but to have a longer period of time between the different experiments.

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