week 4

In this weekly lecture we learned more about sensory perception and processing of the taste, smell and visualisation. Some facts of the learned were written down here. The sense of taste as well as the sense of smell are addressed by chemical stimuli. Some sensory systems have a single basic type of receptor cell that uses one transduction mechanism (e.g., the auditory system). However, taste transduction involves several different processes and each basic taste (like salt, sour, better, sweet and umami) uses one or more of these mechanisms (like direct pass through ion channels or block ion channels etc.).The olfactory sensory system is constructed different, each receptor cell expresses a single olfactory receptor protein and the different cells are randomly scattered in a region. Each cell responds to many different odors, but with differing preferences.

The dioptric apparatus of the eye produces a side-inverted image on the retina that is upside down. The light stimuli are registered by the sensory cells of the retina, the rods (brightness) and cones (colour vision). Thereby the rods are located in the peripheral area of the retina and the cones in the central retina. In addition, visual perception includes spatial perception and object recognition.

For the next lecture, we are meant to read chapters 6 with focus on the neurotransmitters.

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