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Re-envision packaging

This is a short essay about packages. I hope it challenges even one designer to re-envision packaging design as a less environmentally destructive practice than it presently is. Kaj Franck, a Finnish designer, once asked ‘.. of what use for … Continue reading

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10 Biggest Stock Photography Cliches

Here are my favourite ones with comments (some via Fortymedia). Photos by shutterstock. 1. The Handshake of Synergy. You’ve made the sale and closed the deal. They can’t back out now’ you shook on it! 2. The United People of Megacorp … Continue reading

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Difference between staff and personnel in University

NOT ALL 1. staff – the body of teachers and administrators at a school; “the dean addressed the letter to the entire staff of the university“. (Social Science / Education) the body of teachers or lecturers of an educational institution, … Continue reading

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How to reduce the size of image full PowerPoint presentation

These are ways to significantly decrease the the size of PowerPoint presentations with images in simple steps. Step one Click any image of your presentation and click the “Compress Picture” button (from Picture Tools Format ribbon*) and select “Options”. Now … Continue reading

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Downloading, filtering, adjusting and saving photos for print, email and web

This tutorial list is for using most common Adobe programs (Bridge and Photoshop and the “side programs” that include to them: Photo Downloader and Camera Raw Editor) to get quality adjust photos fast and easy. 1-     Getting photos from a … Continue reading

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Case Studies of How University Can Use Social Media

INTRO. Is social media a fad? 1. Gathering and Sharing 2. Showcasing Student and Faculty Work 3. Providing a Platform to Broadcast Events 4. Emergency Notification 5. Keeping in Touch with People 6. Producing, Not Just Promoting 7. Creating a … Continue reading

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Testing with external services… images and video works… no coding or object embedding allowed.

Just testing how well external services can be use to import videos, slides and images to this blog to strech the 10MB quota limit. As it seem adding photos from external services like Flickr works fine. Adding videos from YouTube, … Continue reading

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Quite useless blog platform for me. Quota limit can streched by using external services.

I suppose this blog is not for graphic designers or photographers… or anybody who want to use any photos, images or audio-visual stuff in blog posts. Quota limit is 10MB. Posted by Juha

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