week 9

Excursions to Aalto Neuroimaging Infrastructure & Institute of Occupational Health

This week was an excursion week going to Aalto Neuroimaging Infrastructure on Monday and Institute of Occupational Health on Tuesday. The experiences were quite impressive so I wasn’t able to take any images that I now wish I had.

Aalto Neuroimaging Infrastructure showed us all the different facilities they had for doing research and projects. The coolest was the fMRI machine because of the large scale of it and the feel it gave. Also, interestingly some metals are actually permitted near the MRI machine (basic chemistry here) but came as a shock when the facility master wore chains of silver. I was a bit late to see the EMG and EEG, but what I did see was TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and it seemed cool to stimulate an area of the cortex to view the effects.

Institute of Occupational Health showed us different commercial tools they use to do research on work effects on health. They had stress, sleep and physical activity in focus. The sleeping lab was an interesting place where test subjects could sleep a night and their EEG is measured and recorded. They have master thesis and PhD projects for the summer and possible to use this equipment for those. Otherwise, there is no collaboration between Aalto and the Institute of Occupational Health.