Call for Participation

Welcome to an international course on interaction design!

This Nordplus funded class brings together teachers and students from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland and Sweden to gain a higher level of digital literacy. The course provides basic skills in user-centred, hands-on interaction design including an intensive Google Design Sprint. Aalto University will host this course in Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland.

What you will learn?

The course introduces core interaction design topics, inviting participants to reflect upon ongoing shifts, connections, and re-framings in interaction design. This is complemented with the development of skills in systematic evaluation of usability and user experience of interactive applications. The expectation is to see the participants take ownership of the interaction design process.

The students will learn how to combine user-centred design and the Google Design Sprint process with a focus on “designing the right thing” and on “designing the thing right”. The students will get a chance to experiment with interaction design by gathering feedback on their design from users and redesigning according to the collected feedback.

Upon completion of the course students will have an understanding of what interaction design is and will grasp the full cycle of the design process including the stages of discovering, defining, developing and delivering concepts targeting areas of the course theme. The students will also develop the skills to design and evaluate prototypes of digital applications for various user groups.

Theme 2019

The theme of the 2019 course is health and wellbeing. The outcome of the interaction design exercise will be some kind of mobile application prototype that aims to improve health and wellbeing.


This course is targeting anyone interested in learning user-centred design and hands-on user interface prototyping. No previous experience on the course topics is needed, but candidates will be chosen based on the motivation and the need to learn interaction design. Priority in the selection of the candidates will be given to those with no ICT or interaction design background and able to participate for the whole duration of the course.

Apply by March 31st!