Blog update 27/11

This week we learned about mental illness. One thing that I found really interesting was how difficult it is to place the origin of mental illness. There are multiple working theories who combine several aspects to try and explain these illnesses, and yet none give a full complete picture. It certaintly raises an interesting questio; how much of what you feel and experience is simply caused by quirks in the organic system in the brain, and how much is caused by “you”.

A question I have concerns the treatment of these mental illnessess. To what extent can treatments be applied and re-applied to different people? If the brain is so divergent due to lived experiences and simple genetics, there should be a limit to how much can be applied to people with the same illness. What is that point? Is there a point? Is its effectiveness in individuals just as divergent as the brains of these people, or is the overlap still large enough that easy comparisons can be made?