Wiring of brain(19 Nov)

This week’s lecture was based on the chapter 23 “Wiring the Brain”.This lecture was quite interesting as  I would say it connects all the loop holes of the brain development. this week we have learned about how the connections are established during the development of the brain and as result brain culminates to its maturity. Also we had learned about an interesting fact that the wiring of brain depend on two major factors that is the final structure and function of the brain rely on nature of surrounding and nurturing of the brain.

Also, I really fascinated by the concept that the “One stem cell to rule all!”. I can say that the proliferation of cell to different fates is highly regulated mechanism which involve diverse proteins to keep track of fidelity of each step.  Then, we  had learned about the most important thing which is the foundation of functional brain is the synaptogenesis.

I have read about ‘Autism’ which is a neurological disorder mainly develops because of slow pruning during synpatogenesis which causes formation of excess synapses.

I’m just wandering why Autism is untreatable?even though there are some medications which have profound effect on pruning process. Does other factor also cause this condition other than pruning?

Why there is good chance that the Autism will be congenital even though synaptogenesis occurs throughout the life?

Since this chapter is foundation of structure and function of human brain, my mind is probing about each and every neurological disorders ever since I have heard.  Nystagmus is another neurological disorder which might be congenital or acquired after birth. does it is also related to wiring of brain?