Blog update 7-11

This week we have learned about more of hormonal prospective of controlling our body and how they maintain the homeostasis in the body. Hypothalamus has secretary neurons which secretes hormones that controls the whole body and main it at homeostasis via pituitary gland. its more like every chapters come up With new interesting fact about how our  brain incredibly involve in our every daily behaviour and what affect it. and in all aspect how everything rely on hypothalamus secretion, ANS(Autonomous Nervous System), and diffuse modulatory system. Also, We found this weeks lecture to be quite difficult. The hormonal systems are incredibly complex and i find it quite hard to grasp all the different aspects of them.

One thing I wondered relates to the Hypothalamus and the homeostasis it regulates. It regulates all the necessary functions needed to keep the human body alive, that are done subconsciously, such as heartbeat and body temperature. Breathing is also something that can be done subconsciously, however this can be done consciously as well. I was wondering why is this process in particular is different from the rest? Why can we regulate our breathing, but not our heart rate? How do the signals change? Does the hypothalamus simply turn of that particular part of itself when we are breathing manually? What is the fundamental difference between the other processess and breathing that allow this to occur?

Another thing I wondered was the role oxytocin plays in the body. In females it causes lactation, however it does not in males. This ofcourse due to the fact that males lack the necessary organs to produce this, but does this also mean that there is a difference between male produced and female produced oxytocin? As in, would oxytocin produced in the body of a male cause lactation if placed in the body of a female? I assume that there is no fundamental difference between the male or female produced hormone, but it is still something I was wondering.