Learning diary update 16-10

One thing I both learned and found incredibly interesting was how taste buds work. I had never really considered that for a taste bud to taste different flavors, it had to have several receptors to each chemical. I never knew that the flavourous chemicals themselves cause activation in the cell, and consequently cause a signal to travel to the brain. I think it is an amazingly ingenious way for the body to recognize certain tastes.

Consequently, I was also surprised by the similar way the olfactory cells go about creating a signal. I never knew that both taste and smell are basically a thing because the body treats the chemicals almost like transmitters. I thought it was such an interesting concept!

I would say that the discussion during the lecture sometimes was quite interesting and also kindle our interest to dig deep into the subject. it provides an ambiance to think about the research-orientated study instead of just mugging up the facts. But I was skeptical about how XX chromosomes cause the development of more cones?

Also this week there was an ANI virtual tour which was very enlightening but it would be nice if it was physical so that we can get some hands-on experience.