Learning diary update 3-10

One of the most interesting things I learned in this lecture was the fact that an excitatory signal can be inhibited by an inhibitory signal. I did not know that such a function existed in neurons, nor did I know of the role they play. I think it really adds another level of complexity to an already complex topic.

I also think it is incredibly interesting how most of the time the electrical signal we use is just the movement of ions around the body. By the nature of the word you’d think it is the effect of only electrons, but in actuality, they are bound or missing from an atom; thereby causing a change in charge. So actually in this chapter, we get a deep insight into synaptic transmission at the molecular level. we’d like to more about synaptic transmission like how these connections are responsible for memory consolidation.

Now we would like to conclude what we have learned this week. Initially, we started with the synaptic transmission and the mechanism involved in it. Also, we have learned about a few neurotransmitters, the main chemical molecule which plays a crucial role in the establishment of these connections.

Questions of the week-  Is there any subtle difference between the CNS synaptic transmission and PNS synaptic transmission?

Suggestion: It would be nice if we will get recent papers regarding the related topics, just to keep up things a bit related to research.