Week 7

This week’s topics were the auditory and vestibular systems. The auditory system is responsible for the sense of hearing and is something that I have not thought about much previously. It is remarkable how efficient the auditory system is and how wide the range of sounds is that humans can perceive. The lecture this week touched on the basics of the topic very well, but it would be nice to have a stronger connection to the engineering side of neuroscience during the course. Topics like how cochlear implants were developed and what kind of challenges engineers face when they are trying to create even better implants. It is really a shame that due to the corona pandemic it seems that there will be no excursions on this course where these kind of topics could be covered.

The chapter 11 in the course book discussed in addition to the auditory system also the vestibular system. This week’s lecture did not have anything about the vestibular system. It could have been stated clearer that this week’s topic was just the auditory system and not the whole chapter 11 of the book. I would have been very interested getting to know also more about the sense of balance especially because I feel like it is the sense that is most overlooked. I hope that in the future when this course is taught that the vestibular system is also added to the material and discussed at least briefly during the lectures.

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