Week 4

This week’s lecture topic was chemical senses, the eye, and the central visual system. There was a lot of material for this week. So even though the basics of these topics were familiar from previous courses the book went much more into detail. I think it would have been better if the chemical senses and visual sense would have been divided in to two parts. There was so much new information especially on the structure of the sensory regions. Compared to the previous weeks this week there was a lot more to do. In addition to this we also had the structure and function of the brain this week and last week which further increased the workload.

Although there was a lot of work these topics were also highly interesting. I did not know how much the senses work together to for example produce the perception of taste which is in addition to the taste cells also dependent on the olfactory cells. I also had the widely spread misconception that there are different parts on the tongue which are mainly responsible for each taste. That turned out to be wrong, because each taste bud responds to many different tastes, but just in varying amounts. It was also interesting to find out that the higher levels of visual perception are still relatively unknown. I hope that some day we get a more comprehensive picture of all the senses and how they work together. I would like to know whether looking at something can trigger the perception of other senses and how it would work on neural level e.g. seeing something very tasty on tv could trigger the perception of some delicious taste and smell.

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