Week 1

I am very excited to finally take a course solely on the structure and operation of the human brain. Previous biology courses in high school and university have not taught me  much about the human brain. These courses have mainly just gone through the basics of the anatomy and the physiology of cells, but the operation of the brain on higher levels is still mostly unknown to me. As a biomedical engineering student, I am very interested in the different methods of imaging the human body. Therefore, I hope that I get to learn about the various brain imaging methods used in medicine and research today.

The first week of this course had only one online lecture and one pre-recorded video. The lecture was very interesting even though it did not directly discuss any of the material in the course book. In the first lecture we got introduced to the course staff and even shortly to each of the participating students. I was surprised to find out that students from very varying backgrounds have chosen to take this course. I would not have thought that students from the school of arts and the school of business would enrol to these courses. The pre-recorded video was a bit short and only discussed very briefly some of the main points of the course books chapters 1-2. In addition to attending the lecture and watching the video I read the course books chapters 1 and two. These chapters did not contain much new information to me, but it was good to go through the basics once again. What got me most interested in the book was the history of neuroscience. I hope that I get know more about how neuroscience became what is today throughout this course.

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