WEEK 1 discussion

In this week, the introduction week, we mostly touched briefly on several subjects of the course. I was mostly interested in different cell types of the brain, why they are all needed and how they work together. So, neurons are the well known cells that fire action potentials and thus convey information, but there are glia cells as well which are necessary for the function of neurons. These glia cells are again divided into smaller groups which each has a certain task in the brain, e.g. oligodendrocyte insulates axons. Brodmann’s areas is an interesting concept also, although I’m not sure how accurate it can be since it seems way too simple for the brain to be divided like that.

Since I have a background in medicine studies, the biological aspect is somehow familiar but I was really surprised on how the function of the brain and neurons can be explained with the mathematical equation even though it is an extremely complex structure. During the lecture I got a question in my head that how atoms in certain structure can form a consciousness and whether or not there is a free will if the brain works with the laws of physics? I also realized that there is so much information we do not know about the brain (in cellular and physiological level), that even though we understand the laws of physics, we do not understand how the brain works yet.