Structure and Operation of the Human Brain – Week 11

This week we only had an exercise session but no lecture or excursion. For the exercise session we went to Aalto Behavioral Lab and performed an EEG measurement with some students of the course being the subjects. Since the laboratory is quite small, the course was split in two groups that conducted the measurement after each other.

The task for the subjects was a variation of the reaction time test that was part of exercise 3. Luckily, we were supported by the staff of the ABL, so we only had to assist setting up the experiment. For me it was very interesting to see how an EEG measurement is performed because I had never seen it before. The subjects got on a cap with several electrodes and to get the right conductivity between the head and the electrodes, we had to put a gel between cap and head at each electrode. That was quite complicated as the cap didn’t touch the head everywhere and none of us had done something like that before.

After everything was ready, everyone apart from the subject head to leave the measuring room so that the measurement was not affected. The measurement only took a couple of minutes as the task for the subject was neither difficult nor long-lasting. Afterwards, we took a first look at the measured data which seemed to be good. I really liked that we did something practical in this last exercise session.

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