Structure and Operation of the Brain – Week 2

After going through a general overview of both the course and the brain itself. This week we had the first quiz before the second lecture. Some of the gripes I’ve listened my classmates had was that it wasn’t really clear which topics would be covered for this quiz and that most questions only covered one part of the reading material. However, this week we got an announcement that clarified the topics that will be evaluated in next week’s quiz, showing us that the feedback has been heard.

In the lecture itself we covered some general topics from a biological standpoint, from neurons and glial cells, their types, classification, their organelles and their respective functions to the cellular membrane and finally we delved into proteins, amino acids, the ion channels and the Na/K pump. Even though the explanation dragged on for a bit, it’s understandable the detail of explanation that was given seeing as some people may not have previous knowledge about these topics if they don’t have a biological background and even for us who do, it was useful as well since we can remember things we may have forgotten.

In the exercise session we followed the topics in the first lecture, the brain itself and its different areas, with the twist that we dropped pen and paper and got our hands dirty!-so to speak. As we went with a hands-on approach and were tasked to build a model of the brain using modeling clay while we studied the different structures that make up the brain.

Even as a person who learns better just by reading I enjoyed the exercise session and I also understand that it may have been structured this way to aid people who learn better with visual cues.

I’m looking forward to the next lectures as we delve into the action potential and I wonder if we’ll go into detail with the Nernst equation and the Goldman-Hodgkin-Katz equation to end up studying the Hodgkin-Huxley model.

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