Structure and Operation of the Human Brain – Week 1

The first lecture gave an overview of the human brain. Its functions are for example to receive and interpret sensory data and to produce knowledge. Receiving data is something we do all the time – we hear, we smell, we see etc. But only the brain can work with this data and develop something new out of it, for example why we can see a colour. The brain does all this to keep us alive and to satisfy our needs. We can study the brain for example by looking at its anatomy in an x-ray image or by observing it via magnetic resonance imaging. By analysing the brains anatomy, one can see that the brain consists of different areas which have different tasks for example one area to exploit what we see with our eyes. One can also examine the brains electrical signals which are processed through neurons.

Most of these things I already knew from a former lecture about the human body, for example how the brain is assembled with its different areas and how signal processing through neurons works. I am looking forward to learning more about certain brain diseases, how they develop and how you can cure them, in the following weeks of the course.

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