(June 22, 2020)

The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to cancel the Forum on Markets and Marketing set to be held in Helsinki this June. Due to the continuing uncertainty about the development of the virus, and the likelihood of extended travel restrictions, we have also made the decision to not seek for an alternative date for the Forum later in this year.

Instead, we are organizing a virtual event in September, 2020.

The purpose of the virtual event is to facilitate the creation of manuscripts toward an S-D logic special issue in the Journal of Business Research. As with the regular FMM, the virtual event will give the participants an opportunity to present and receive feedback on their submissions, as well as form groups around emerging paper ideas.

We will provide more detailed information about the format and program of the virtual Forum soon.

Jaakko Siltaloppi
Conference Chair



The Forum on Markets and Marketing (FMM) is a biennial conference that gathers together world-leading experts on markets and marketing from around the world. The purpose of FMM is to advance the development of service-dominant logic by focusing on foundational issues related to markets and marketing, and exploring the cross-disciplinary foundations of service-dominant logic. Unlike most conferences, there are no paper presentations or parallel sessions. Rather, the attendees present, discuss and debate ideas in one plenary session throughout the conference. The outcome is normally the development and publication of multiple papers by groups of attendees with common interests, often published in a special issue of a journal.

Previous editions of the conference have been organized, among others, in Auckland (2012), Karlstad (2014), Venice (2016) and Tucson (2018).

This year, we are honored to organize FMM in Finland!


Jaakko Siltaloppi
Conference Chair
Aalto University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management