Fintech Studies at Aalto

1. Courses related to Fintech offered by Aalto University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

TU-E2210 Financial Engineering I, 5 credit units, Fall term, Lecturer Ruth Kaila
Course for Quants. Basic course in quantitative finance; derivatives, stochastic processes and Ito calculus, pricing and hedging options, interest rate derivatives; credit derivatives, commodity derivatives; Matlab hedging assignment with real S&P500 option data. 

TU-E2220 Financial Engineering II, 5 credit units, Spring term, Lecturer Ruth Kaila
Advanced course in quantitative finance and fintech; Interest rate models, foreign currency instruments, market microstructure, credit risk, regulation, Fintech and high-frequency trading, blockchain on algorithmic level, cyber security; written assignment in Fintech, exercises with Matlab and real market data

TU-EV Fintech Seminar, 1-3 credit units, Fall term 2019

Minor in Financial Engineering, 20 – 25 credit units
Core courses in Financial Engineering and Investment Science
Optional courses in
– mathematical methods offered by Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis (e.g. stochastic processes, optimisation, multivariate statistical analysis, risk management)
– computational methods offered by Department of Computer Science (e.g. programming, machine learning, deep learning, data mining, Bayesian data analysis)
– finance offered by Department of Finance

Bachelor’s Thesis

Master’s Thesis
Our master’s thesis students are talented and highly motivated. 
Research ideas and proposals for collaboration are welcome!

2. Open on-line Course in Machine Learning with Python 2 credit units, fall term
by Professor Alex Jung, Department of Computer Science
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