Speakers, Fall 2018

Matti Hellqvist, Senior Economist, Bank of Finland

Matti Hellqvist is working as a senior economist in the Bank of Finland in the Oversight of market infrastructures division. He has over 13 years of experience on oversight and financial stability analysis from the Bank of Finland and the European Central bank. He has developed analysis software used in this field in over 100 central banks worldwide and since 2012 has been a coordinator of a related Eurosystem expert and working group.  Recently he has been involved in the core team of the Bank of Finland analyzing the impact of digitalization and fintechs. He is representing the bank in external expert groups on Distributed Ledger Techology.

Mr Hellqvist holds a Master’s degree on engineering physics and mathematics (Operation research and economics) from the Helsinki University of Technology.
photo: Peter Mickelsson


Sami Honkonen, CEO, Tomorrow Tech

Sami Honkonen is the CEO of Tomorrow Tech. Tomorrow Tech builds digital products using blockchain and artificial intelligence. One of their biggest products is a trading platform for the residential real estate market using blockchain technology. They’ve built it together with banks and government officials.

Sami is also the host of Boss Level, a podcast that studies people and
organizations that are breaking existing management and leadership
paradigms. Guests of the podcast include Nobel laureate Bengt
Holmström, US four-star general Stanley McChrystal, Spotify’s VP of
Operations Simon Marcus, and many others.


Henrik Husman, President, Nasdaq Helsinki, Vice President, Cash Equities
Products, Nasdaq Nordic

President at Nasdaq Helsinki since March 10, 2016. In 2009 – March 9, 2016, Husman served as a Deputy CEO of Nasdaq Helsinki. He also holds the position of Vice President, Cash Equities Product Management at the company. He has worked in several executive positions at Nasdaq and its predecessors in Finland since 1997. He was born in 1972 and he has a bachelor’s degree from Helsinki Business School (currently part of Aalto University).
photo: Timo Porthan, Omnipress


Juho Isola, Co-Founder, Taviq

Juho is a Fintech entrepreneur who co-founded Taviq Ltd., a specialized fintech development partner for banks and wealth management. Juho has two MSc degrees – one in Finance and one in Human Geography.


Ari Kaperi, Head of Group Credit Risk Management, Country Senior Executive in Finland, Nordea FinlandNordea Bank AB

As of 1 January 2017 Ari Kaperi is Head of Group Credit Risk Management and Country Senior Executive in Finland. Before this he was Group Chief Risk Officer from 2010 until end 2016. He was also a member of the Group Executive Management from 2008 to 2016. Mr Kaperi’s previous positions in Nordea include among others Head of Institutional and International Banking (2008-2010), Head of Regional Bank Central and Western Finland (2006-2008) and Head of Planning and Control, Corporate and International Banking (2001-2006). Mr Kaperi started his career in the bank in 1985, but was employed elsewhere in 1998-2001 when he had several positions in the Pohjola Insurance Group.

Mr Kaperi holds a Master of Science (Economics) degree from University of Tampere, Finland (1985).

 Piia-Noora Kauppi, Managing Director, Finanssiala

Ms. Piia-Noora Kauppi is a Managing Director of Finance Finland. She is an highly regarded expert in financial affairs, with a thorough knowledge of the European financial sector and a broad experience in international banking, insurance and the securities markets. During her career in different roles, she has built up an extensive network within the global financial community. Ms. Kauppi holds various elected positions in several public organizations and businesses, where she has in addition to financial affairs focused on  compliance and governance matters. Currently she is a Board member and the Chairman of the Audit Committee in UPM Kymmene plc. She has been a keynote speaker in numerous international financial conferences regarding European public, civil society and private sector interests. She was one of the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders 2005-2010 and an alumni since 2010.
photo: Anna Dammert

Mika Kuusela, Head of Operational Excellence & RPA, OP Financial Group

Mika is leading customer oriented process development and lean practice in Finland’s largest financial group OP. He’s been working with Robotic Process Automation since early 2016 and is currently determined to add some cognitive automation capabilities to dumb RPA and solving emerging issues that one only runs into with large enough platforms.


Asko Mustonen, Head of Robotics in If insurance, If Insurance Company

Asko Mustonen has a decade of background leading service development and digitalization within insurance industry. As Head of Robotics in If insurance company he`s responsible of  leading the industrializing of Robotic Process Automation and responsible for future vision of robotics for If. Working towards making human employees more important by intelligent automation of repetitive tasks.

Hanno Nevanlinna, Co-Founder, Futurice




Olli Rehn, Governor of the Bank of Finland

Dr Olli Rehn is Governor and Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Finland. He has been Governor as of 12 July 2018. Dr Rehn is responsible for monetary policy preparation, domestic economic policy, external communications, international affairs and internal audit. Governor Rehn is a member of the Governing Council of the ECB.

Mr Rehn has held European and international posts for many years. He was Vice-President of the European Commission in 2011–2014. As a Member of the European Commission, he was responsible for Enlargement in 2004–2010 and for Economic and Monetary Affairs in 2010-2014, when his responsibilities included the reform of the rules of Economic and Monetary Union, financial assistance programmes for the distressed countries, and the preparation of stability mechanisms. Mr Rehn represented the European Commission on the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, in G7/G20 cooperation and at meetings of the International Monetary Fund in 2010–2014.

Mr Rehn served as Minister of Economic Affairs in Prime Minister Sipilä’s Government in 2015–2016, having been elected Member of Parliament from  Helsinki in April 2015. He was a Member of Parliament also in 1991–1995. Mr Rehn was a Member and Vice President of the European Parliament in 2014–2015 and was a member of the first group of Finnish MEPs in 1995–1996.

Mr Rehn holds a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in international political economy from the University of Oxford (1996). In his doctoral thesis, Mr Rehn analysed corporatism and industrial competitiveness in small European states. Mr Rehn had previously graduated as Master of Social Sciences (Political Science) from the University of Helsinki in 1989.
photo: Antti Mannermaa

Mika Vainio-Mattila, Founder, Digital Workforce Services

First-time entrepreneur Mika Vainio-Mattila is one of three founders of Digital Workforce Services – a company aspiring to making digital workers a part of our everyday working life. Mika’s background in consulting and extensive international experience from senior leadership positions in IBM and Mehiläinen give him a unique perspective into transforming business through technology and innovative ideas.

Alex Yin, TCG

Alexander is passionate about business and technology, and he holds a PhD degree in microelectronics and computer engineering. Alexande is CFO of Tech Consulting Group TCG Oy which includes Eficode and ePassi. TCG companies have formed strategic partnerships and brought Alipay and Alibaba Cloud to Finland.