Material 2019

Drivers of the disruption on the financial industry

1. Changing society
2. New technologies
3. Regulation
4. New players


Subsectors of the financial industry

1. Payments
2. Digital Banking
3. Investment Management
4. Lending
5. Crowdfunding
6. Insurance

Fintech, background material for the seminar
by Kaila, in Finnish, 25 minutes reading

AI in finance
by Kaila, 10 minutes reading



Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of Nokia Corporation, Chairman and Founder of F-Secure Corporation
What every professional in financial services should know about machine learning
Siilasmaa, slides (pictures are compressed from the original presentation)

Kaj Hagros, Managing Partner, Redstone Nordics
Startup crystal ball: AI-driven venture capital?
Hagros, slides


Sampsa Laine, Head of Digital Banking CBB, Nordea
Banking as a Service – from 1:1 to a ecosystem service
Laine, slides

Bonnie Buchanan, Professor of Finance, University of Surrey, UK
Quo Vadis: Fintech in China versus the West
Buchanan, slides


Timo Ritakallio, President and Group Executive Chairman, OP Financial Group
Disruption, digitalization and the future of banking
Ritakallio, slides

Matti Hellqvist, Senior Economist, Bank of Finland
Blockchain and distributed ledgers – bridges from theory to practice
Hellqvist, slides


Sirpa Nordlund, Senior Vice President, Customer Team Head, Country Director Finland, Nets
Cashless society & the dark side: Payment fraud and how to prevent it
Nordlund, slides

Hugo Gävert, Product Owner, AI, Financial Intelligence, OP
AI and fairness in banking
Gävert, slides

Jarkko Forsberg, CEO, LVS Brokers
Building a Fintech; Expedition unknown
Forsberg, slides


Eija Warma-Lehtinen, Castren & Snellman
Regulation & ethics of AI
Warma-Lehtinen, slides

Timo Hotti, Technology Strategist, OP Financial Group
A glimpse into the future decentralized financial data ecosystems
Hotti, slides