Week 48

The project is nearing its end, so our group dedicated a lot of work hours to the project in the past week. The past week contained among other things the final practice of our elevator pitch, some usability testing of our prototype, Facebook advertising, poster making, business calculations and the writing of the final report of our project.

In the beginning of the week we performed the final practice of our elevator pitch among other project groups for the Grand Finale. Here is our elevator pitch from the practice:


We also met with our future customers (long-distance travellers) at the Helsinki Central Station to gather some feedback to our prototype that we introduced on last week’s blog. The usability testing of our prototype can be seen as a success, since no one had compared long-distance travel options inside Finland before and the vast majority were interested in our service and thought it is easy to use. Here is a small sketch (in finnish language), to get you an idea on how our customer would use our service:


During the usability testing there were some comments about the outlook of our prototype, so we made some final tweaks to it during the week. We improved for example the readability of the text on the option menu.

In the end of the week we  concentrated on the poster and report of our project. The report contains information on how our project started and progressed, what properties our prototype has and how we validated our work. The report is for the course staff, who will be evaluating our work.

While making the validation section for the report, we made some final business calculations of our service innovation and the potential of facebook advertinsing. Our estimated net present value for the service is well into the positive side for example, so there is great potential in our service.

This is a small table of the results of our Facebook advertising (in finnish):


P.S. Next week will be Grand Finale week! Do not forget to come and visit our stand on Friday 8th December at ‘Dipoli’s’ Kaleva-hall (Otakaari 24).

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