Week 45

Week 45 was the first week without any extra assignments regarding our course. This meant that our group mainly concentrated on planning the coding of our prototype and polishing our validation plan. We also received info on the final product review credentials which are reporting the basis of the project, the prototype and validation of the product. The credentials were published at the end of week 45 and our group was quite pleased how the work we’ve been doing this week aligns with them.


In our Friday meeting we drafted an action plan for our 2 teams that work on the validation and coding processes. Coding team planned the minimum demands our prototype needs to meet and decided on the tools, methods and roles for the coding process. They will be starting the “relentless” coding this following week.


Validation team is trying to get contacts on experts and plausible partners. We have some names from VR, Onnibus and perille.fi and we’ll be trying to arrange some co-operation with them in the upcoming week. After we get our prototype to an alpha stage of development we’ll be starting product testing with possible users right away. Our current action plan is listed below.


Action plan:


Group 1, Validation (Jaakko, Jani, Nikke, Yi)


User validation

  • Recruiting potential test users
  • Improving product interest


Partner validation

  • Would companies (VR, Onnibus, Finnair etc.) be interested to partner up?
  • If not, how should the model be improved to create interest?


Expert validation

  • How are similar products designed and what major problems have occurred?


Group 2, Prototype implementation (Aaro, Mikko, Valtteri)

Minimum feature requirements:

  • User chooses starting location and destination
  • 3 visible attributes for comparing different options

Optional features

  • Interactive map
  • Cost structure calculations

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