Week 43 (exam week)

This week was exam week so it was quite busy for all of us. Despite that, we managed to make many steps forward. Unfortunately we were not able to arrange meeting with our project’s topic giver this week. We will be seeing him on next week’s Thursday because of his schedule. For that reason we couldn’t really do weekly blog assignments for this week as planned but we took other necessary steps forward. Our agenda was to put our project on a launchpad and ready to launch.


We had one meeting this week with our gang and we discussed our topics and what needs to be done. We also discussed about our working practices and how many times we need to meet every week to be able to progress as planned. Our team leader, Jaakko made us a better working schedule and clarified our timetable and who are in which operating team. Jaakko has also kept the whole team informed what we are doing and made sure that necessary things were done on time and nobody was stuck with problems. Mikko, who has maybe the most experience on programming figured out which tools we are going to use making the model. He ended up with “Ruby on rails” as programming language and server, Git as our versioncontrol and mysql as our database.

Nikke’s job was to find competing or otherwise similar software, which could prove helpful in making of our own model. Nikke made few finding shown below.

Would contain almost same properties as our model.

Is Liikennevirasto’s own web page. It only gives fastest solution possible.

Rest of the group concentrated on what are the most important data that we want to show to user. What information we should give to user about this route and why. What is the competition we are focusing on and why. Here is some results.

Cost factors Demand factors
Added first:

Cost of infrastructure

Fuel costs

Employee costs

Scale of investments


Maintenance costs

Possibly also:

Administration costs

Capital depreciation/Leasing cost

Commercial costs

Added first:


Speed and availability


Carbon footprint


Vehicle quality

Service quality

Possibly also:

Product/service bundles


What information should be shown to user?

What routes we choose

Reitit missä VR kulkee. =>

Yhteiset reitit junaliikenteen ja lentoliikenteen (myös linja-autot ja yksityisautot) välillä:

Isoimmat kaupungit (Vihreät pallot alla olevassa kartassa p.l. Tikkurila, Kouvola, Pori ja Seinäjoki, joihin ei lentoja):

Helsinki <-> Turku

                 <-> Tampere

                 <-> Jyväskylä

                 <-> Kuopio

                 <-> Oulu

                <-> Rovaniemi

                <-> Joensuu

                <-> Kajaani

                <-> Vaasa

Suosituimmat reitit näistä malleista? Missä kovin kilpailu?
Kaupallinen liikenne (taloudellisesti kannattavaa, ei valtion tukemaa)

Ostoliikenne (Taloudellisesti kannattamatonta, valtio tukee)

Velvoiteliikenne (Taloudellisesti kannattamatonta, valtio ei tue)




Updated opportunity tournament.

We decided to bring down our considered competition to only haulage.

















We also made some digging on where and what kind of information we are able to get on for example train traffic or air traffic. These sites are main thing for our model to use and search data from.



Bus service






Air service









And last but definitely not least we all shared our user survey to find out what kind of information our model should provide and why.

We have made great improvement on starting to make the end result and we have clearer picture of what we are going to make and how we are going to make it. This week was important week and we found answers to key questions about our model and data finding. Next things we need to do to analyze our surveys data and Iterate it accordingly. Then our plan is to meet with our “project’s topic owner” and meet with our assistent. We will discuss with both about our model, our survey and results. We will also discuss our next steps with them. And after that, we can start working on our model with full throttle.

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