Blog of Week 42

On week 42 our team continued on the product development cycle.  Our main focus this week was on the planning of the validation process and on the 2nd presentation as well. We had our weekly meeting once again to finalize this week’s planned work distribution and targets.  


Our meeting proved to be fruitful since we decided to leave our report type end product behind, and started to heavily concentrate on the computer model we composed last week. This change of direction was needed to better comply on the course objectives and learning targets. In our meeting we managed to create clear connections to our original problem and currently planned end product. This was also chosen as the core message of our presentation this week. Seeing that the review of our presentation was mainly positive, we think we’re on the right track now. The major change of concentration also meant that our project plan needed a major overhaul so that took place this week as well.


Like earlier mentioned, our “big” theme of the week was validation of our product. We started this process by creating a survey that is targeted towards our end users (taxpayers). The survey includes questions about how often people do long range travels in Finland, the methods of these travels and how people decide on the methods. This should help us to find the optimal attributes for our model. You can find the survey from this link :

We also crafted the long term plan for the whole validation process presented right below.

Technical aspect


Now that we have our validation process underway, the next steps our team is taking is planning the functionality of the product. This will be most likely done through analyzing similar products and also with the help of our up and coming data from our survey.

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