Blog for week 40

This week we had two meetings and our agenda was to make a project plan, complete the opportunity tournament and most importantly meet our instructor Raphael Giesecke.

In the first meeting we went through our ideas which came from our brainstorming last week. The ideas helped to form a better understanding of the competition configuration of VR. Assessing the ideas was the basis for the opportunity tournament.


The next step was to list the methods and the sources for the data collection. We thought that the company annual reports and the reports from government agencies could be our main data collection sources. In terms of analyzing the data, we could use different frameworks or alternatively we could establish a computer simulation of the competition. However, due to limited resources and time, we should carefully decide whether we program a simulation and how broad the simulation should be.

We also discussed the content that we will put to our project plan. First, our starting point was to bust the actual myth that VR doesn’t have any competitors. Second, we defined the client or user for our project and we ended up that our project should serve the general public. Third, we considered the scope and the goals of our project. The scope was still unclear because at the moment we haven’t met our instructor yet but our goal was quite clear that we wanted to increase the general awareness of the fact that VR still might have those “invisible” competitors. In addition, we wanted to make our project human-oriented using the scientific methods. Last but not least we discussed the scheduling of our project and the roles of the project. Three different roles were formed:

Project manager: Responsible for the project progress.

Communications manager: Responsible for the external messaging in our project.

Blog Master: This role changes every week and basically blog master is responsible to write the general points for the blog.

In the end of the first meeting we listed the tasks that we should complete during the 8 weeks period. There were three milestones in the tasks list: project scope, data collection and analysis & conclusion.

In the second meeting we met our instructor. Four different points came up in the meeting. First, we should be aware that the topic is topical at the moment. Second, we should know who is the actual client for our project. For example, are we acting as consultants or something else. Third, we should consider what is the outcome of our project. Is it a report or does it have any concrete results e.g. a computer simulation. The last point was to consider the data availability for the project.



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