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This is our blog for the SCI-project course.

“VR Group is a monopoly; it has no competitors.”

Our project is about busting the myth that the Finnish rail operator, VR Group, has no competitors.

Our goal for the project is to critically examine the competition of the Finnish rail company VR Group. VR competes in several areas, namely passengers and various freight domains. VR’s competitors include, for example, private cars, buses, aircraft regarding freight and passengers, other rail operators providing freight traffic, trucks and ships.

First, we will begin the project by analyzing the characteristics of the market with a few key questions:

  1. How many persons use VR on average per day/year?
  2. How much freight does VR transport?
  3. What are the short-term and long-term trends in the passenger and freight traffic industries?
  4. Who exactly are the VR’s competitors and how their businesses have developed compared to VR?


The interest groups of this project

Internal interest groups:

  • Our group members: We are responsible for the completion of the project.
  • Our instructor: He is responsible for giving feedback on our project and grading it.

External interest groups:

  • Other students on this course as well as the course staff
  • Our contact persons at VR: If needed, they can provide us with valuable insights about their competitive situation and how VR operates. In addition, they could provide us with useful data for our analysis.
  • Other sources of data, e.g.:
    • Ministry of transport and communications
    • Transport sector specialists
    • Companies that have already conducted analysis on this issue (e.g. Carnegie, Ramboll, Boston Consulting Group) (https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-9798473)

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