RIS sessions

Obs! In near future, hopefully already on Oct 2021, all RIS info will be found in the web site of FinEst Centre for Smart Cities (Finestcentre.eu)

Main theme of Research & Innovation Seminar in the autumn 2020  – March 2021 is Data Stories, i.e. reseachers’ and practitioners’ experiences, insights and plans dealing with all kinds of data (statistics, quantitative, qualitative, real-time, media materials etc.)

From March 2021 on, RIS sessions will focus on planning new project proposals.

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Session agendas from June 2020 to Sep 2021 below 

The very first RIS – June 30th

Abstract: Cities are criticised to be slow and rigid in adapting novel ICT-solutions. In the field of smart mobility, this can be even more complex as transport often concerns multiple regions, thus calling for more adaptive and collaboration-based models. This paper discusses how cross-border cities can initiate joint intelligent transport system (ITS) pilots via innovation procurement process. Theoretically, new public management (NPM) concept is being challenged by public value (PV) in delivering cross-border, open and experimental mobility trials. Empirically, PV and NPM models are tested via recent empirical evidence of joint ITS pilots in the cities of Helsinki, Tallinn and Vantaa as part of the finest smart mobility project.

Keywords: ITS; public procurement; ICT; New Public Management; Public Value; Finest Smart Mobility.
DOI: 10.1504/IJEG.2020.10026305


RIS Sep – 25th 2020 (10:30-12:00) Planning City Challenges a.k.a. Large Scale Pilots

1030: Cheers by chairs (Kalle&Matti) (intro for the session and for the autumn’s data story sessions)
1050: Summary of top 10 city challenges (Lill) Slides 15-19
1100: LS Pilots (Külle) Slides 9-14 (especially 11 and 12)
1110: Questions
1150: Top 10 Poll (Michel)
1155: Closing words (Kalle)
1200: End of session

Basic topic: Data Stories

10:00 Meet in Zoom 

10:05 Start Livestream 

10:00 Short introduction to RIS and agenda of the day (Kalle Toiskallio and Matti Hämäläinen) 

10:10 Improving energy efficiency in non-residential buildings  

  • Introduction of FinEst Pilot: Digi Audit (Kalle Kuusk) 
  • 10:15 Automated indoor air quality assessment in a school – Martin Thalfeldt 
  • 10:25 Energy performance and carbon footprint of building portfolio – Martin Thalfeldt 

10:35 Optimizing city power grids for increased renewable energy” 

  • Introduction of FinEst Pilot: Microgrids (Tarmo Korõtko) 5min 
  • 10:40 Overview and prospects of urban electricity distribution systems – Imre Drovtar 
  • 10:50 The outlook and prospects of Closed Distribution Systems in Estonia – Karl Kull 

11:00 Panel discussion  

11:30 End of session 


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The session will be shared on FinEst Centre for Smart Cities YouTube Channel and will remain in the RIS playlist. 

Obs! In near future, hopefully already on Oct 2021, all RIS info will be found in the web site of FinEst Centre for Smart Cities (Finestcentre.eu)