Dear FinEst Twinners (researchers and specialists)

The monthly Research & Innovation Seminar (RIS, pronounced like RISE 🙂 has been reorganised. The first session was held in June 2020. I the beginning it was mostly like a research stream leaders’ small-group.
Now, it is for everybody.
RIS has three goals:
1) Researchers internal discussions (=opportunities to show your own work results and research plans, for example to find new inter-stream connections)
2) Give researchers opportunities to discuss and then collaborate with cities (to get data and create pilots with urban developers, to get further funding, for example)
3) Discuss and ask smart (!) questions about FinEst Twins project, the FinEst Twins Smart City Center of Excellence (working name)
The format of sessions can be a traditional presentation, but also different kind of panel or other small-group discussions, or interviews. You can also invite your collaborators from other universities or cities by sending the zoom link to them.
In a nutshell, RIS is a small scale rehearse of the whole of FinEst Twins project. Project’s  purpose is to create large enough project portfolio for the FinEst Twins Smart City Center of Excellence (yes, a shorter name should be innovated…) to be able to continue as an independent research & innovation center from 2027 on, or even earlier. For you as a researcher or urban developer, it means research and funding opportunities in the future. The center will be located in Taltech campus, but the salary policy will be international.
RIS is led by me (Aalto, Research Coordinator of Finest Twins project) and Matti Hämäläinen (FVH, Innovation lead of FinEst Twins project). Michel Nader (FVH) is helping us to prepare and organize RIS. For the most of the sessions, we will use the FVH’s studio and its multi-camera system in Kalasatama Urban Lab  (
to create a smooth remote-meeting experience for everybody. The zoom link of RIS will always be the very same – you can find the link from RIS blog
In the blog there is also agendas of becoming RIS sessions. In the RIS blog, you can also discuss about RIS, suggest a presentation etc.
RIS will be organised monthly on Mid-month or so Tuesdays, from 12:00 to 14:00, mostly in 90 minutes.
You will get a calendar invitation to the next RIS session (24.11. (12-14)) soon.
P.S. If you know someone who really should get this message, but did not, pls let me know.
Contact info:
+358-40 626 7995
…and me:


Dr. Soc Sc. (sociology) Kalle Toiskallio
Research Coordinator
tel. +358-50 406 64 69

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