Game Introduction

How to Become a President in Finland is an iPad game for children aged 5 to 8, wants to be a president or learn what the president does. This game will help them understand the concept of democracy, budget, and duty of President.


You help the president of Finland. You have twelve citizens. Each citizen has a different job a wants an item suitable for the job. You must find a way to satisfy as many citizens as possible by utilizing the budget given to you! There are three rounds where you meet the citizens/ At the end of all rounds, the final score is given by the sum of the three-stage scores and the price of the remaining items.


You help the president perform his duties. Observe closely what citizens want. Based on this process, you would spend the money you’ve got wisely. With the items you purchased, you start the game. You have to meet citizens in each round and hand out the items to them. You may or may not have purchased the item that the particular citizen wants. No matter what choice you make, try to make citizens as happy as possible. That’s your duty:)

The minimum goal of the game is to make the items on both sides of the scale equalize. You have to guess the weight of the item while playing the game. Some items are heavier than you expected, and some items are way lighter than your imagine. Imagine the weight of the items and try to put a variety of items on top.

  • Learning democracy
  • Being a President!
  • Mini-game using Math
  • 3 rounds game
  • Multiple choices
  • Colorful, friendly characters


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