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Defining Identification

The title of the game is ‘How to be a President in Finland’ and our team’s main character is ‘President’. However, there are many lines with inconsistent relationships between characters and users.

We want to make the children who play the game understand some of the president’s roles. If identification occurs in the process of enjoying media, immersion increases. In the storytelling process, the similarities with the characters, or the role of the characters, seem to have a significant impact on immersion[1]. Dorothée et al said if players feel stronger identification when they feel they are helping the character’s special role[2]. It is thought that if a character calls a player’s name or gives the perception that the user makes an important decision, the user will become more immersed. In order to enhance the familiarity with the characters in the game, it has been mentioned how to call citizens by their names instead of jobs(ex. Artist- Marianne, Police officer- Antti, Barista-Kirsikka…). It has yet to decide whether to change the job to name.

We are working on the lines of the character little by little.

Animation(Work in Progress)

Making animations for all the characters.

President A & B, Artist are done.


It is in the process of combining pages created individually.

Reference about Identification

[1] Jonathan Cohen (2001) Defining Identification: A Theoretical Look at the Identification of Audiences With Media Characters, Mass Communication & Society, 4:3, 245-264, DOI: 10.1207/S15327825MCS0403_01

[2]Hefner D., Klimmt C., Vorderer P. (2007) Identification with the Player Character as Determinant of Video Game Enjoyment. In: Ma L., Rauterberg M., Nakatsu R. (eds) Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2007. ICEC 2007. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 4740. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


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