Digital Prototyping 2 – How to avoid the situation everyone satisfied

We found the concept of the scale game attractive – Provide each citizen with what they needed. The scale game aims to satisfy all the characters in the game. However, we wanted to put concept a democratic situation that it was difficult to make a choice to satisfy everyone in the game. We did another ideation on how to include a situation that everyone couldn’t be satisfied with the scale game.

Yujin’s Sketch 1

The idea of the game is that the position of the lever’s support points changes depending on the number of people who want the item. And not enough items are available to satisfy everyone. The more people want, the shorter the distance between people at the pedestal. The player needs to put more items to be placed on the short levers to win. When a stage is completed, the popularity level goes up according to the degree to which the character is satisfied.

Yujin’s Sketch 2

The game tries to complicate the needs of the characters in the game, creating a situation where everyone can’t be satisfied. The higher the level, the greater the number of people standing on either side of the scale. And their needs are all different. When only a few people in the groups are fully satisfied, the other people in that group become more unhappy. Try to satisfy as many people as possible with limited items. When a stage is completed, the popularity level goes up according to the degree to which the character is satisfied.

Jane’s Sketch

It is a game to buy food, clothes, and houses by utilizing limited goods, which are basically necessary items in a person’s life. The player can put an item on the other side of the scale as much as the credit is given.

Kalle’s Sketch

Added the concept of weight to the items in the game, creating a situation in which everyone cannot be satisfied. The player must put the item in the weighing basket. When a character gets the desired item on the scale, the character becomes happy. However, if the scale is not balanced, the character with less weight will be greatly dissatisfied, even if he/she gets the item he/she wants. If the character did not get the item he/she wanted, but the scale gets the balance. This character becomes neutral statues. The player gets 0(zero) points from him/her. Characters’ satisfaction measures at the end of each stage. The total sum of the measured scores is the score of the corresponding stage. As the stage progresses, the number of characters in the game increases.

Our game structure was determined as Kalle’s Sketch. We decided to add all the characters’ favorite items. The item is chocolate.

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