Digital Prototype 3 – Overall Game

Game overview

  1. At the beginning of the Game: Explain the concept of money and storyline.
  2. You see all the 12 people that gonna be part of the scales game later on.
  3. You have 18 Euros with which to buy different items.
    1. The items have different prices
  4. Once you’ve spent your money, the scales part starts, see details below.
  5. Each round
    1. You start the round with the items you bought (minus the ones you’ve already used)
      1. At the start of Round 2, you get 1 random item, 2 at the start of Round 3.
    2. The persons on each side of the scale are randomized
      1. Each person only appears once
      2. The number of persons for each side equals the round num  
      3. The weights of the items (see spreadsheet) on both sides are equal
      4. The persons are as happy as possible
    3. Whenever the scales are in balance (even with 0 items) you can end the round and go-to scoring
      1. See below for scoring
    4. After Round 3 the game ends
      1. You see your total score for the game
      2. You see which people you made happily and which you didn’t

Game screens

This is just a quick list, and some of these might be merged.

  1. Title screen
  2. Explanation with the 12 people present 
  3. Purchased items with money
    (with people maybe still present so you can see what’s needed)
  4. Scales start screen
  5. For every 3 rounds:
    1. Scales gameplay screen
    2. Scales scoring screen
  6. Game end screen with the total score and people appearing again showing how happy they were

Scales phase detailed rules

  • There are 3 rounds:
    • 1st with just 1 person on each side
      • You start the round with the items you purchased
    • 2nd with 2 persons on each side
      • You start the round with the items you didn’t use on Round 1
      • You also get one random item
    • 3rd with 3 persons on each side
      • You start the round with the items you didn’t use on Round 2
      • You also get two random items
    • There are 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 3 = 12 persons in total
  • Each person has at least one specific item they want
    • Some items work for more people than one
    • The Chocolate bar item makes any person happy, it’s kind of a wildcard
  • A person starts as unhappy
    • To make them neutral give them at least 2 items
    • To make them happy give them the item they want
    • If there are more than 1 persons on the side, you distribute the wanted items first and the rest is used up to make the other persons neutral if possible
  • You can only end the round if the scales are balanced
    • The items have different weights
    • The combined weights on both sides of the scales must match
  • Scoring:
    • 1 for each item on the scales
    • 3 for each happy person
    • 0 for each neutral person
    • –3 for each unhappy person
    • 1 for each item you didn’t use at the end of round 3

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