Digital Prototyping 1 – Evaluating paper prototype

We conducted a paper prototype evaluation. Based on the evaluation results, we tried to set the direction of digital prototyping. Using ‘Figma’, each person rapidly prototypes their ideas. There were sketches about games and game structure.

Game Idea

Kalle’s Sketch

In this game, users match dropping items to the character by tilting a tablet. At the start of the game, the tutorial shows players the items that are matched to the characters. Some of them have one or more known items but the other characters have unknown needs. There is also a bomb item that every character hates. Gather as many as matching items and get point.

Clementine’s Sketch

The game aims to balance items by putting them on the scale. Equalize the scale by placing the appropriate number of items on both sides of the scale. Each scale has a character standing in front of it. When the items the characters in front of the scales want coming up on their scales, they are satisfied. If the player satisfies everyone as much as he/she can, the player wins.

Kiira’s Sketch

Each character in the game has a variety of needs. Some characters like yellow, and some like black. Users should move dials that exist next to the character to find a point that satisfies as many people as possible. The feature of the game is that there is no moment for everyone to be happy.

Game Structure

There is an idea of how the game should proceed in general.

Yujin’s Sketch

Before the game started, this sketch shows the overall tutorial. It contains an explanation of political parties and a description of the budget.


To decide which game to make, the members voted. The results of the vote are as follows. Clementine’s Sketch(The scale game) won the most votes. But there was an opinion that the concept of ‘not being able to satisfy everyone’ is relatively not standing out. So we did ideation to create a situation that everyone couldn’t satisfy in the scale game.

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