New beginnings: studies, teaching and writing at Aalto, Fall 2019

This week I began my pedagogical training in Aalto University, starting with the introductory course titled A! Peda Intro. In setting up this blog it is my goal to document my progress throughout the training and other activities in Aalto. This is the first post.

With my interest in teaching I applied to the Aalto pedagogical studies last summer and received the acceptance letter last Friday. The studies are in total worth 25 study credits and are structured as follows:

Course structure of the studies.

The prerequisite A! Peda Intro course will consist of five contact teaching days between yesterday and mid-November, which I will document in this blog in more detail in the coming weeks. The first contact day was held last Tuesday the 17th of September with roughly twenty participants. If the intro course goes well and without setbacks, the other courses will be eligible for taking during Spring term 2020.

In addition to documenting the progress of my pedagogical studies I wish to also use this blog to keep a diary on my ongoing teaching activities. I am currently teaching the visual communication design undergraduate first year students in their first course of their studies called “Väline: Koodi” (MyCourses) during this and last week. Another course titled “Koe: Teknologia” for the 2nd year students of the same department will take place between end of October and early December, and participating in the studio courses in the new English language Design BA from January till April. Finally I will teach a course on motion design titled “Väline: Liike” during mid-April.

I hope to have some time to reflect on my ongoing book project on the topic of motion design in Finnish for Aalto ARTS Books. The yet to be named book has received financial support in form of a grant from the Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers and is due for release in 2020. Tomorrow we are having a check-up meeting with my editor and I get to explain why the progress has ground to a halt during the month or so. Busy September!

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